Never Give Up On A Dream

LETJOG – Day 58: Wednesday 13 July – WICK to JOHN O’GROATS (22 miles)

A rusty bygone at John O’Groats

My final day of walking on my LETJOG challenge! After a fine breakfast with Rachel at the Mackays Hotel I set off out of Wick on the road northwards, past the airport, towards John O’Groats. My route today covered some hard miles on the main road, before meeting with Rachel for the final few miles along the coast on the John O’Groats Trail. This stretch is beautiful, taking in the stacks and cliffs around Duncansby Head, home to countless seabirds. The Duncansby headland is actually the furthest north-easterly point on the British mainland, and it was quite appropriate that I should approach my final destination, John O’Groats, from this landmark, and that Rachel could be with me on this scenic and memorable two-mile stretch to the finish line!

A very big, and sincere, thank you, once again to everyone for following my blog and for all the supportive comments that have kept me going through hard times and good on my walk. I have had so many messages today, and I have managed to read them all as I’ve walked. Thank you – they have meant so much to me.

Following some requests, and with little need for much persuasion, I intend to keep this blog going for the next few days whilst we are in Scotland, both in order to share some images of the country and also for some personal reflection having completed my challenge. Meanwhile I will leave you all with some pictures from today’s walk.

Looking back southwards over Sinclair’s Bay, about five miles out of Wick . . .
. . . and the Bay, looking northwards
Keiss Castle standing proud above the sea, with the ruins of the earlier tower to the left of the picture
Freswick Bay
The road to the isles – coming towards John O’Groats, with the island of Stroma and the southern Orkneys beyond
The stacks at Duncansby Head
A small bay, all to ourselves . . .
. . . on the final two miles to John O’Groats!
Journey’s end . . .
. . . St Piran duly delivered to John O’Groats . . .
. . . and a quick visit to the most northerly brewery in Great Britain

And this evening, in Wick, Rachel and I celebrated with a fine dinner, overlooking the Wick River, as it reaches the harbour.

And I can, at last, swap the walking gear for some proper clothes again!

18 thoughts on “Never Give Up On A Dream

  1. What a great photo and what a superb achievement! 👏👏👏🍾🥳Well done. I hope you get some time to see some of the North Coast of Scotland as it is stunning. Not suggesting you should do more walking, though, just a drive!


  2. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Huge congratulations Nick, what an amazing thing to have done! Your blog has been excellent, thank you for sharing your experience. Amazing, really well done. I hope you aren’t walking home! 👏👏👏👏👏👏


  3. Nick, I just can’t tell you how much i have enjoyed your daily ramblings. Huge respect for your stamina! and the monies raised your your good causes.

    Gail Diprose (nee Heath)


  4. Huge congratulations Nick for the most amazing achievement but also heartfelt thanks and admiration from all of us at Parkinson’s UK for your support, determination and commitment to two amazing goals – your LETJOG challenge and to raising £10k for the three charities – both of which you smashed! Thank you.

    Regional Fundraiser Parkinson’s UK


  5. Well done and congratulations Nick for all your hard work and have read your blog with fascination. Best wishes to hopefully put your feet up!


  6. Fantastic achievement, physically, mentally and organisationally (if that’s a word). Personal thanks too on behalf of all Parkinson’s sufferers. Top man!


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