LETJOG – The Statistics

Following a few requests from those interested in the daily statistics of my LETJOG walk, I have prepared a summary spreadsheet:

With apologies for the formatting errors – I have had to copy this as an image, as the spreadsheet would not transfer directly onto this website.

The key facts are a total distance walked of 1,084 miles, and an aggregate ascent of just over 32,000 metres (105,000 feet). These figures are derived from my route planning on the OS App, so should be fairly accurate. The totals fall slightly short of my projections, mainly due to my diversion onto the Severn Way in place of the Cotswold Way (because of a lack of available overnight accommodation in the Cotswolds), and also due to the road walking in the latter stages in place of some undulating sections of the John O’Groats Trail.

The mileage figure is for the route itself and does not include any walking done in the evenings. My average daily walking distance, over the 58 days (inclusive of the two rest days), is around 19 miles. The ascent figure gives an average of around 550 metres (1,800 feet) of ascent per day.

The total hours walked is 385, equating to between 6.5 and 7.0 hours per day, excluding breaks. My step-count for the period of the walk, including evenings, etc is 2,234,283 – I should have organised a sweepstake on this!

As regards brewery and distillery visits, I totalled 26 (21 breweries and 5 distilleries), a figure less than I had hoped for, as many establishments were still not fully open because of pandemic restrictions.

One thought on “LETJOG – The Statistics

  1. Going home hopefully for a good rest – which doesn’t mean being waited on ! Many many congratulations. Unbelievable Jane Sing


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