What is LETJOG?*

Land’s End, the most south westerly point on the Cornish peninsula, and John O’Groats on the north east tip of Scotland, are the two most distant points on mainland Great Britain. Therein has lain the challenge for a fair number of walkers, like myself, in attempting a journey under their own steam between these national extremities.

As the crow flies the two points are 603 miles apart, on a great circle route that crosses quite a lot of sea and is centred close to the Isle of Man. On land, and according to google maps, a drive between the two points entails 837 miles of highway, and up to 15 hours at the wheel, much of it along the M5 and M6 motorways.

There is no ‘official’ walking route, but in order to avoid busy roads and to take in as many as possible of our most scenic long-distance paths, most walkers will cover between 1,000 and 1,250 miles, around twice the distance covered by our crow. My specific route, as planned, falls just over 1,100 miles and reflects this desire to experience the beauty of the English and Scottish countryside throughout the journey, but it is certainly not averse to some rural lanes and to some river and canal towpaths. My intention to visit as many breweries and distilleries along the way as is practically possible guides my route somewhat, and it opens up opportunities for many overnights in some fine market towns and a few cities too.

In attempting the trip I will be following in some distinguished footsteps, including those of brothers John and Robert Naylor (who completed the first recorded end-to-end walk in 1871), celebrity engineer and vegetarian Dr Barbara Moore (1960), travel writer John Hillaby (1966), and cricketer Sir Ian Botham (1985).

Two weeks away now, the countdown begins. Follow my preparations on this blog!

*LETJOG is the acronym that I have adopted for Land’s End To John O’Groats – others (particularly cyclists, perhaps attracted by some gallic resonance) drop the ‘To’ and simply use ‘LEJOG’. Somewhat amazingly both the letjog.co.uk and letjog.com domain names were available to me!

One thought on “What is LETJOG?*

  1. Awesome! Despite my head telling me you’re crazy, my heart is dead jealous. I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly and have a great time. I look forward to following your progress. Oh, and well done Alistair on an excellent website


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