Getting Ready for LETJOG (5) Communication

Making a commitment to oneself to undertake a project such as LETJOG is the easy bit. Over some months, as I looked at the detail and feasibility of the walk, I pondered my ability, both physically and mentally, to cope with the demands of a long solo trek each day for two to three months. Of course the answer to that question will remain unresolved until I attempt it, but my ambition for the challenge and to use the one-off opportunity presented by my daily lockdown walking to raise some funds for three such excellent causes won through in the end. What has been more difficult has been in taking the final plunge and making the more public commitment to all my family and friends!

I first contacted the three charities about a month ago, and I am indebted to them all for their advice and guidance through the process of defining the challenge, addressing the logistics, compiling my risk assessment, setting up my fundraising platform, and putting together the public relations aspects. Separately I have developed a LETJOG logo and website, and for these I am hugely grateful to my son Alistair who has coordinated the purchase of the domain name, set-up the web hosting, and designed the structure and presentation style of the web pages. That I am now becoming sufficiently adept at blogging and editing the website is down to his training.

The brief for the logo (‘simple’, ‘dynamic’, ‘a journey’) was developed within three days by an external designer on Fiverr, whereupon the image for our LETJOG brand was in place! As well as on the website, I have used this marque to produce calling cards for my trip and also embroidered LETJOG badges for my windproof jacket, fleece and rucksack.

During the last few days, as I have spread the word of my walk, I have been overwhelmed by the messages of support from family and friends – it is these sentiments that I will need to carry me through the difficult times when the rain, and tired muscles, set in. Thank you all, and for the generous donations to the three charities that will make so much difference to their work – all monies pledged on the LETJOG Virgin Money Giving page are forwarded in full to the three charities within a week. The fact that this venture is contributing to these life-enhancing organisations before I have taken even so much as a single step on the trail is thanks to you all, and is very much appreciated. Thank you!

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