So Good To Be Back Home Again

LETJOG – Day 20: Sunday 6 June – REST DAY 2 (BERKHAMSTED)

So today has been a rest day, and a chance to replenish supplies of ‘consumables’ from home, and to make arrangements for accommodation and with the friends meeting me during the coming week. In the morning, at The Hospice of St Francis, Rachel and I met with Lucy and Emily, and some of their nursing colleagues, for an interview on my LETJOG experience to date, and some photos, to appear on the Hospice website and social media.

Then home for a barbecue with Rachel and Alistair, and with my parents, Pam and Ron, followed by a family Zoom call. So lovely to see everyone again, but before many more hours had passed I was re-packing my rucksack prior to tomorrow’s early departure for the next stage of LETJOG.

Lunch in the summerhouse

One thought on “So Good To Be Back Home Again

  1. “You are off to Great Places!
    Today is your day!
    Your mountain is waiting,
    So……get on your way!”

    (Poet’s name escapes me 😊)

    Wishing you another really good week, Nick.


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