Time To Move On

LETJOG – Day 58, plus 2: Friday 16 July – WICK to DORNOCH (by Car!)

Poppies in Helmsdale

After three nights, and following a somewhat lighter and more leisurely breakfast, Rachel and I left Wick, heading south and stopping at Helmsdale for a stroll around the harbour, Clynelish Distillery for the obvious, and Brora for an ice-cream at the renowned Capaldi’s. Aside from the scenery on ‘Route 500’, it was quite engaging for me to see the countryside that I had walked but a few days earlier, and from the viewpoint of a motorist. Frankly, it made me quite tired now to even think about walking it!

Re-tracing my route now, southwards, as far as Dornoch, and by car!

However, we were blessed with a blue-sky day, the warmest of the year so far for this part of the world, as it later transpired, and so a little further on, in Golspie, we bought a picnic lunch and set off along the front, beside the golf links and across the beach for a three-hour hike to Littleferry on Loch Fleet. This is a most lovely landscape, one that I had walked through a week or so earlier but by a different path, and so it proved – a most pleasant walk through the Loch Fleet Nature Reserve.

At Clynelish Distillery . . .
. . . and leaving – with the goodies!
Looking over Loch Fleet . . .
. . . and across the mud-flats at low tide
Walking back into Golspie over the golf links – is that a cloud I see in the sky?

Then we made the short drive to Dornoch, via some seal-spotting, to the Amalfi B&B and to my now-familiar hosts Marelle and Edward, who I had stayed with on my way north exactly a week ago. On this hot summer evening, we walked into the town for a drink at the Coach House bar and then for dinner, outside, at Luigi’s.

Tonight on the Côte d’Écosse!

I just love this part of Scotland – what a wonderful day!

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