Walking In The Rain

Flamingos in Coton Manor Gardens, Northamptonshire

With a busy schedule and with more than a fair share of rain this last week, my training for our Coast to Coast (C2C) Walk has been limited to a shortish walk each day in order to keep everything moving satisfactorily. I have certainly had a couple of soakings over recent days, and have trudged through more mud than I can recall since last winter. On the bright side, the sun has made an appearance on my walks a couple of times, and today I’m just sharing some views and some pictures of the spring flowers from my walks on these lighter days.

The wonderful hues of sedimentary ironstone, shown here at Coton Manor, are a feature of north Northamptonshire where Rachel and I had a super weekend with close friends Rick and Eleanor

The heathers in their garden take me back to my moorland walks last summer – a fantastic display for late February!
Back at Coton Manor Gardens some snowdrops endure into late winter . . .
. . . joined by some brilliant crocuses . . .
. . . and an unfamiliar blue flower – can anyone put a name to this please?
Today dawned bright in the Chilterns, for a wonderful five miles over the fields and down into Berkhamsted
Some early daffodils by the wayside, . . .
. . . a cluster of their rather smaller cousins, tête-à-tête, . . .
. . . and some ‘closed-cup’ snowdrops, surviving into spring amongst the still un-shed leaves of a copper beech

So, another week passes, with a month to go now until Rob and I embark on our C2C walk. Let’s hope that the sun shines through a little more, as spring progresses.

Taking in the sun!

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