Here Comes The Sun

C2C – Day 15: Saturday 16 April – CLAY BANK TOP to BLAKEY RIDGE (9 miles)

A red grouse, in profile, silhouetted against the mist, up on Urra Moor

A slightly more brief Blog today, to match the short day’s walk! We had planned our ante-penultimate section of the route as a pleasant and relatively undemanding morning amble, delivering us to our destination, The Lion Inn up on Blakey Ridge, by lunchtime. Much of this path follows the route of the former mining railway as it contours its way across the Cleveland Hills, taking in wide-ranging views on either side, and so a pleasant stroll was in prospect.

Without hindering our progress, a part of this plan was frustrated by the mist, blown in across the tops on a southerly wind. Whilst the rest of the country basked in the Easter sunshine, this local climatic phenomenon obscured our views until the final stretch of our walk. We have of course learned over the last two weeks to cope with all the vagaries of the local weather patterns, but the vistas we had hoped for, and the photo opportunities, were quite limited.

Starting off, on our initial steep climb up to Urra Moor, with Eleanor’s good company – Rick provided vehicular back-up, and our grateful thanks to them both for their support of our challenge!
The ‘Face Stone’, up on Baysdale Moor, is one of the many stone markers lining the Lyke Wake Walk that I mentioned yesterday
Rob taking aim from a grouse butt – this bird escaped: others may not be so lucky
The Victorian mineral railway ran between the Rosedale ironstone quarries and Teesside – the cinder surface now provides a flat and easy walking route for several miles across Baysdale and Farndale Moors
At the head of Farndale

All was not lost: as we approached The Lion Inn the mist and low cloud finally dispersed, and we were able to shed a layer or two for the final climb up to the Inn. Then a well-earned lunch in the garden, our day’s walk completed.

Walking the line – at last in the sun, . . .
. . . and some views across the moors!
Arriving at The Lion Inn, . . .
. . . ready for lunch!

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