I’ll Never Find Another You

C2C – Day 17, plus 1: Tuesday 19 April – ROBIN HOOD’S BAY to HOME

Moorland gorse in full bloom, from yesterday’s final leg of our C2C Walk

This morning I was able to rest up and to lie in a little longer than I have been able to over the last few days, before a final cooked breakfast at The Villa B&B in Robin Hood’s Bay, ahead of my trip home.

What an adventure our C2C Walk has been! I now have from Rob some photos of his arrival at the North Sea, and I will post these tomorrow, along with my reflections on our walk, and some facts and figures.

For now, I am just relishing being back at home and catching up with Rachel after being away for so long. As the old proverb says ‘East, West, Home is Best’!

Daffodils in Grosmont, again from my final day on the C2C trail

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