The Night Before

It is a warm feeling indeed, lying fed and rested tonight, at the Cornwall home of our dear Berkhamsted friends Philip and Carenza, and reflecting on the activities of the last few weeks in getting to this point. A relief, in a way, that the preparation is done, and that the walking can start!

Part One of my journey is accomplished – my fears of getting caught up in the GWR train service delays did not materialise, and my trip down to Cornwall proved problem-free and on time. It did seem an awfully long way though, even by train!

The Penzance line must be one of the most scenic rail journeys in the UK, particularly the section through Dawlish Warren and into south Devon, where one appears to travel over the sea itself! I shall enjoy this section of the walk – headlands, beaches and pasties – as I return, on foot, back up the north coast of the peninsula.

A big thank you to Philip and Carenza, for accommodating and for feeding me tonight – we always have such a great laugh together, and it has been lovely to see your new home! And I look forward very much to your company, Philip, over the next three days of walking.

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