Blowin’ In The Wind

LETJOG – Day 4: Friday 21 May – ST MAWGAN to PORT ISAAC (19 miles)

How many roads . . . ?

My first solo walking day. With the strong westerlies at my back, even the rain, unrelenting but light, and the cool conditions, might have proved quite conducive to walking. But the variable gusts and localised eddies, at times, made even walking in a straight line quite a challenge. And that was without any breweries to visit today!

On which note, a trip to the renowned Sharp’s Brewery (of Doom Bar fame) in Rock, on the eastern side of the Camel estuary, was precluded by any infringement, however tempting, of the LETJOG rules against motorised transport – in this case the ferry from Padstow. Instead a lengthy detour ensued along the Camel Trail into Wadebridge, and thence northwards, eventually, back to the coast and into Port Isaac.

The neighbouring headlands of Padstow (left) and Rock (right) – but ferries are outlawed for LETJOG!

A couple of highlights, inevitably on such a day, are around food:

Pasty time again – after 14 miles in the wind and rain, even the ‘crimp’ of this beauty from Wadebridge didn’t stand a chance!
And dinner – good friends Glenda and Richard, also from Berkhamsted, who ‘just happened’ to be in Port Isaac tonight! Thanks both, great to see you, and to share a few hours of laughs!

Tomorrow is a big day. Will my legs have the 26-mile marathon to Bude within them? The answer, my friend . . .

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