On The Beach

LETJOG – Day 3: Thursday 20 May – ST AGNES to ST MAWGAN (19 miles)

They tell me “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate gear”. Well, I like to think I’ve got all the gear I need (or can carry) with me, for every eventuality. But today we definitely had some truly atrocious conditions! An early morning soaking, was one thing, but then the wind really picked up. Walking the two miles along the fabulous Perranporth Beach, with 50 mph gusts on our backs, was great fun (though sandblasting on the face was most painful when looking back), but the upward wind deflection on Holywell cliffs almost knocked us off our feet, and the traverse would have been most unwise had the wind not been onshore!

After wading the Gannel, two miles of town walk through Newquay at least meant a late picnic lunch, before another fabulous beach at Watergate – a thank-you here to Arwen at The Hangout, who plied us with restorative tea (to the great vibe of Neil Young), before our final ascent of the day, to the Smugglers Inn at St Mawgan.

These hosts, like many others, are offering me a ‘charity discount’ B&B rate – thanks guys, you’re the tops! But, hot on the heals of lockdown, hospitality closures, and a complete shutdown for a while at nearby Newquay Airport, it seems unbelievable that, seemingly, half of the northern part of west Cornwall is about to be closed for half of June for security and access around the G7!

So goodbyes this evening to Philip, as he returns home and I prepare for my first solo walking day. Thanks pal, it’s been a laugh, and a memorable three days!

Perranporth Beach
Wading the Gannel, at Newquay

As a footnote, two abortive Brewery visits today – Driftwood Spars in Trevaunance Cove and Black Flag in Perranporth, neither open in time for our early (and wet!) visits this morning. I hope trade will recover well for you both this spring/summer!

3 thoughts on “On The Beach

  1. ‘On The Beach’ by Neil Young…what an album! 👍 Great music for a great walk by a great guy…Nick 👍😊🍺


  2. Hi Philip. It must have been great for Nick to have had your company for his Cornwall trek so far…….bet he will miss you!


  3. Hope you have survived another Cornish wild day. This time on your own. Super photos especially crossing the Gannel.


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