Beautiful Day

LETJOG – Day 29: Tuesday 15 June – SKIPTON to STARBOTTON (19 miles)

First, a big thank you to Richard at The Unicorn in Skipton for supporting my LETJOG effort, and for a fine breakfast delivered to my room for 7.30 am! Then goodbyes to friends Chris and Christine, and once more I was on my way northwards, alone, on this fine morning.

Farewell to Skipton

A pleasant morning walk, along farm tracks and over sheep-grazed pastures, led me, eventually, through Linton, over the Linton Falls footbridge, and into Grassington. The crowd scene here, of day-trippers browsing and lunching, I suddenly realised, was a sight that I hadn’t seen before on this trek: I stopped just long enough to buy a snack lunch and then proceeded out of the crowded town centre to devour it.

A family gathering
Looking down the Linton Falls
‘Moss grows fat on a rollin’ stone’ (or even on a stationary one)!

And so started a most marvellous afternoon hike of six or seven miles along the Dales Way, climbing up the eastern side of Wharfedale across this spectacular grassy limestone landscape. Silence prevailed save for the song of skylarks and an occasional cuckoo, with the gentle gust of a soft south-westerly breeze providing cool comfort from the strengthening sunshine. Views extend here in all directions, around the pastures, scarps and outcrops of the Dale to the green/blue hills across the Yorkshire Dales National Park. I have walked many paths of the UK but, returning to these Dales, I find it difficult to think of anywhere I prefer to walk and to just ‘be’. The locals famously call this ‘God’s Own County’ and I cannot demur.

At one with Wharfedale . . .
. . . further on, looking towards the dale head . . .
. . . and, finally, down into Starbotton, where I was made most welcome by Tina and Colin at Sweetbriar Cottage

It has been a Beautiful Day indeed!

One thought on “Beautiful Day

  1. Glad to read all is going well Nick and we hope the weather has not been too hot to endure. All change now. Man the lifeboats. Good luck and enjoy the breakfasts.


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