Up On The Roof

LETJOG – Day 30: Wednesday 16 June – STARBOTTON to KELD (24 miles)

A great start to a great day – a ‘full English’ with a twist or two, thanks to Colin and Tina at Sweetbriar Cottage in Starbotton. Thank you both for your hospitality and for supporting LETJOG!

Today has been a proper walk, an epic nine-hour high-level hike, with three significant climbs totalling well over 1,000 metres of ascent, that will last a long time indeed in the memory. Not for these statistics, but for the views, sights and sounds, and, above all, for the ambience of the Yorkshire Dales and the moorlands that divide them. Cutting across the grain of this landscape, forever up hill and down dale, the weather was kind to me, providing a cool wind and high clouds to mask the most strident effects of the sun whilst preserving visibility. I varied the walk from my first-planned route to take in as much as possible of the high ground, with my reward a kaleidoscope of far-reaching and memorable scenes. Best described through pictures, no apologies today for the abundance of photos.

Heading out of Wharfedale – diversion required!
One of my highest points on the English part of the LETJOG trek – Kidstones Fell between Wharfedale and Wensleydale, at 561 metres above sea level
Coming down into Wensleydale . . .
. . . verdant ferns all along the wayside
Down into wonderful Swaledale . . .
. . . over the river . . .
. . . past Great Rampsholme Cowhouse . . .
. . . up the Swale Valley towards Keld . . .
. . . and over a small tributary

Of all the many fine regions of England through which I have passed so far on my LETJOG walk, I have to single out the Yorkshire Dales of Wharfe, Wensley and Swale as my favourite, though of course with a nod to North Cornwall. My one regret perhaps is that I powered through the region far too quickly, and I vow to return, once again, before too long, for some more amazing days of walking these Dales.

The view from my window at Frith Lodge, atop the moors, as the sun set on a great day

5 thoughts on “Up On The Roof

  1. Way to go Nick! Really glad that you enjoyed the tough leg and that you actually found some accommodation. Onwards and upwards.


  2. Impressed by your achievement so far and the 9 hours of solid up and down trekking! Hope muscles and joints won’t feel too sore tomorrow. Beautiful photos.


  3. Just checking in to see where you had got to Nick and what amazing strides you’ve been making. Stunning scenery like that is sure to help the miles go by. No beer today though – you will have to make up for that soon!


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