LETJOG – The Official Playlist

Can’t beat live music!!

As promised, and for those interested (and who have the Spotify App), I have compiled a Playlist of all those songs, in similar sequence, that I used for my daily Blog headings as I made my way down my twenty thousand roads. By and large the song choices represented are by the original artist (although I had to include Eva Cassidy’s cover of Fields Of Gold). I’ve also included Chris Rea’s ‘On The Beach’, by popular demand, alongside my originally-intended Neil Young song of the same name. In choosing the song title headings I limited the selection to two numbers maximum per artist, and naturally there are a great many wonderful songwriters and artists not represented (where are the Rolling Stones, I hear you ask – Beast of Burden might have been an appropriate choice)!

The playlist perhaps betrays my vintage as much as it reflects my musical preferences. It does of course provide a great personal reminder of my daily experiences on the walk, and I hope you enjoy listening to it also.

Many thanks to everyone for following my musings. Take It Easy. Nick

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