Bring It On Home To Me

New growth colours in our garden spiraea are redolent of autumn rather than spring – and beautiful nonetheless!

With just ten days to go, and with fine spring weather upon us, preparations for our Coast to Coast (C2C) walk are coming together now in most respects. Our training walks are nearly done, kit assembled, and travel arrangements to the start line are in place. Rob and I have been in close touch with Parkinson’s UK, and their PR team have provided information to various media outlets. The following article has appeared in Rob’s local media:

Meanwhile, Rob has overseen the professional design of a calling card for our adventure:

Donations to Rob’s fundraising page, from so many, have been most generous – may I add my own thanks to those of Rob, to everyone, for their kind wishes and for their sponsorship ahead of our walk. Thank you! For those interested, a link for donations to Parkinson’s UK, and to Rob’s ‘story’, via his JustGiving page, is on my Home Tab above, and for convenience here also:

Now I said above that preparations are coming together in most respects. The exception, this week, is my fitness programme. My plans have been de-railed somewhat, by a positive covid test! The best-laid plans of mice and men . . . That we live in uncertain times now goes without saying, and any challenge such as this walk is fraught with all sorts of external and personal risk factors, and perhaps these obstacles are all part of the challenge? Hopefully the materialisation of this particular impediment will not prevent me from reaching first base on schedule, and it may even serve to give me (and my room-mate!) an added degree of protection come the start of our trek!

For now though it is a little frustrating to be in self-imposed isolation, resting-up at home rather than tramping over our wonderful countryside in the beautiful early spring sunshine. Naturally I’m doing all I can to ensure a speedy recovery (and to attain the requisite negative covid tests), and meanwhile I am blessed with a lovely garden that is coming to life with each passing day. I am thankful for having a little more time than usual to appreciate the emerging beauty!

Some bashful hellebores shying away from the sunshine, . . .
. . . a clump of primulas, . . .
. . . more daffodils (I can’t help myself, they’re so photogenic!) overlooked by a rogue hyacinth, . . .
. . . a cluster of periwinkles (their combination reminds me of the Wimbledon tennis colours), and . . .
. . . an ornamental cabbage, rejuvenated from last year, alongside some opportunistic pansies in one of our raised vegetable beds!
And, finally, a tantalising view over the valley!

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