Both Sides Now

Following closely the renowned Wainwright route, our C2C Walk will take us from the Irish Sea at St Bees in Cumbria, over the Lake District fells, across the Yorkshire Dales, then up on to the North York Moors, before arriving at Robin Hood’s Bay on the Yorkshire North Sea coast.

There are only two days to go now until Rob and I meet up, ahead of our journey to Cumbria on Saturday and the start of our Coast to Coast (C2C) Walk! My brother Tim is joining us for the first few days – we grew up next door to Rob and have a special friendship that goes back over half a century, as well as a mutual love of walking in the great outdoors.

Our training is now completed, the kit is laid out on the spare room bed ready for packing, and the route guides and maps have been thoroughly digested. I am free now, thankfully, from my covid, testing negative last weekend, having suffered not much more than some mild cold-like symptoms and a little ongoing fatigue.

So, a combination of this tiredness, self-imposed isolation and time pressure curtailed my training a few days earlier than planned. As a result I don’t have many photos to share this week – these will need to wait a very few days before our C2C walk begins. It looks as though we will be heading off into some chilly weather over the first few days, with the possibility of some snow on the higher ground. After the fine spring weather of the last week this latest forecast should provide the necessary warning for us to pack a little more winter walking gear than perhaps intended!

I have been asked by a few folk for details of our C2C Walk, and so I have included the following link back to my Blog of 24 January under the heading ‘Show You The Way To Go’:

I will be writing again from Friday of this week as our adventure unfolds, and then daily as we walk. See you soon!

Before the cooler weather arrived, last week we had our first sighting this year of a peacock butterfly, sunning itself on our garden path!

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